Sunday, December 25, 2011

We are Media Producers

We are Community Media Producers, taking challenge to build a socially just society through camera as our tool.

Training the young People

We have trained my children and young people on making digital videos on the community issues, which reflect their day to day life...

Masiya Begum, Media Coordinator, Mahita

We are media active......

"I am Masiya Begum, one of the community media producer among the 15 girls who have came from different backgrounds to sensitize the communities through their videos. We feel that camera one of the best medium to bring awareness among the communities. Their are many issues pertaining to the rights of the children we witness in our day to day life, but can we thought about addressing them... No one else !.... but we want that every child shall get equal opportunities of development, in the perspective eduction. No child shall be exploited or abused by any means"... Says Masiya Begum with a confident smile on her face.

As an educator for the Adobe Youth Voices, i feel grate that i got such opportunity to mould the young people as a agents of change... by camera as a medium. My experience with them is one of the best, as the thoughts, creativity and analysis of the situations of their communities is very effectively done by them.. following which their media pieces.

Friday, October 15, 2010

our rights

The film has received prize during the My Frames -2010, Children Film Festival organized by UNICEF

Training sessions by Community Producers

Making efforts towards, bringing significant changes among the communities, the community producers have taken up an initiative to build capacities of the children as Child Reporters, to focus on their issues.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Videos -Children and Change

MAHITA a Social Development Organization, has taken a initiative to work with the girl children to build their capacities through training them in Video Documentation Skills to present their issues to the community, and address them through building awareness among the communities. We have started the training involving, 23 girls initially, who have been technically trained in handling cameras, computers and life skills. Initially it took lot of efforts to bring these girl to the training as these girls are from the Muslim communities, where mobility of the girls is an issues. however our constant efforts and interaction with the parents and community provided us an opportunity to work with them and empower these girls through video skills. In the mean process we have provided them adequate resources such as life skill trainings, orientation on the issues, child rights, career counseling, facilitated them to continue their education and many more things to empower them.

In the due course of time these girls have independently handled the cameras and produced their own community videos, which are very effectively communicated the message and prevailing situation of the children in their communities. Community film screening has been taken as a wider strategy to create awareness among the communities on the issues.

Currently these girls have become an potential source for presenting the issues of the communities, and they have also transformed as trainers for the other children in producing the films. Recently two of them were provided with advanced training by UNICEF and Children as Media Producers Program to produce films for UNICEF Children Film festival. 9 Films have been produced by these children and they have sent to the UNICEF Film Festival.